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Mon pauvre presentation.

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1 Mon pauvre presentation. le Lun 30 Sep - 2:50

Dom Hyde

Bonjour tout le monde!

Veuillez m'excuser parce que je vais écrire en anglais - mon français est très pauvre, et je préférerais que vous avez une compréhension erronée de la signification de mon anglais, au lieu de me faire l'erreur moi-même tout en traduisant mes propres mots.

So, I have a lifelong interest in camouflage, of course. I have always tried to improve the existing camouflage patterns that I have seen, and creating better concealment became a bit of an obsession for me.

In the mid-2000's my wife got fed up with me using litres of ink to print patterns from my desktop computer printer, and suggested I try to make some money by offering my camouflage for sale. I laughed at her, naturally!

Part of the development process, if you can call those random musings a 'process', was to explore 3d camouflage, especially sniper fieldcraft techniques and ghillie suits.

Now, I must make a confession.... I have not built a ghillie suit, nor do I intend to (for the time being). Instead, in 2006 I bought an ex-army ghillie jacket (sleeveless) on eBay, and removed some materials while adding my own. In particular, I took out some black fabric and some quite blue-green textile, as I felt the colours were inappropriate. I added pieces of scarf/veil, pieces of sacking and a few strips of CADPAT material.

Some pictures taken a few days later:

That's it. I welcome your questions, and - especially - your recommendations.




2 Re: Mon pauvre presentation. le Lun 30 Sep - 8:38


Membre référence
Membre référence
thank you very much for your introduction. We are many on this forum to admire all your works on the camouflage. Very Happy 

Your blog helped us very much for some of our works, in particular for the creation of pattern and some words that were a little bit difficult to describe.
I hope that in return we can help you too for your future news.

As you will see, the new trend is to add some 3d camouflage on 2d camouflage. Results are pretty good, and it's quite simple to make. Better is the pattern of the 2d, lesser we have to pimp it. I think that there is yet a huge potential with this method.

3 Re: Mon pauvre presentation. le Lun 30 Sep - 13:24

River Green

Welcome Mister Hyde Wink

I follow often your works and I use pencott (test in situation will are post in this forum). So, your introduction is verry interresting when you see result !
If you want you can speak us about your works Smile

I'm sorry if your french is bad my english too Very Happy

So the picture speak Smile

River Green


4 Re: Mon pauvre presentation. le Lun 30 Sep - 18:14

Dom Hyde

Merci pour vos messages de bienvenue. Je peux écrire ici uniquement de temps en temps, comme je l'ai beaucoup de travail en ce moment, mais je vais visiter ici chaque fois que je suis capable.


5 Re: Mon pauvre presentation. le Lun 30 Sep - 20:58


Membre référence
Membre référence


Nice to meet you on our forum Dom, it's a real honor.

I hope you'll find here some useful informations.

Like River Green, my english isn't very good... 

But if you need some advise, information or you want share a part of your experience with us, it would be a real pleasure for us.

Welcome to I.CA.SYS.



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6 Re: Mon pauvre presentation. le Lun 30 Sep - 22:00


Hello Dom,

At first I Thank you for your feedback on our forum. In fact, I closed your account. Not for personal reasons, but by a change in policy forums. The primary objective is to get a pole of competence and reflective work on camouflage more than trivial gossip sites.

To better communicate with you, I will open an English style. I hope this section will be dedicated to a slightly more technical part: the choice of colors as well as micro and macro pattern. Its barbaric expression is brings all interest.

Thank you again for your feedback and welcome Individual Camo Systems (I.CA.SYS)


7 Re: Mon pauvre presentation. le Lun 30 Sep - 23:16


Membre référence
Membre référence
Hello Sir Dom

Im pretty young to welcome you in this forum and others companions already done this.
We re enjoy to have someone else sharing the same goal.

I'm currently try to make my own ghillie and soon you could be able to give your mind about this

So once again welcome home pirat 

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